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What is your hope for the future?


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Current Prompt

What is your hope for the future?

We honor the past and welcome in a global renewable energy movement 💜

We hope for a future where our politicians represent the diversity of our people. A future where we can move beyond a two party system and vote for representation that we're excited for instead of the better of two less than ideal choices. The implementation of ranked voting is one way we could move towards that future

That we all are and feel seen, heard, valued and treat each other as such ❤️

My hope for the future is that we can find a collective way forward.

That we can open our mind and hearts to understand others. Peace.

We still believe in God, still believe in American Dream, still believe in peace and equity, and still hope.

Be healthy & safe for me and my family

Have a baby

Prompt from 10/28

When was a time you felt at home or not at home?

Still searching. I'm on my way... it's going to be amazing when I find it!

Not home: Working in corporate America - f*ck that noise forever

It's hard to see past my anxiety, so I honestly can't think of a time I felt completely at home.

I spent 3 years in Alaska, and those mountains made me feel like I never have.

Home: Climbing a mountain at Sunrise

I have not felt at home since my grandpa died, I feel like his ghost haunts the apt and me

Every time I go to a lake in central or northern NY, I'm home

Prompt From 10/21

Wishes of luck for The Land and Story Project

Hey guys. Good luck from here in Ohio. I came across the Land and story projects, and I think, I think it's a beautiful idea what you guys are doing. I think it's going to change a lot of things, things, and help promote and spread awareness for our land and for the way we feel about our land. Honestly, and just all the history that's there too.

I think it's a great idea. And I'm happy for you guys. Can't wait to see what else happens. Woo. Once again. Good luck and love you guys. Bye.

I just called to say, I love you. Hey guys, this is your Janelle, Laura's friend. I just wanted to, wish y'all luck. Love you, Laura. Bye!